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I'm Orin Mayer, and I'm from Ottawa. I have been gambling for a long time, and I have learned all the ins and outs of this field over the years.

This world is huge, with so many games and so many varieties of them. There is tons of information about gambling, and it's hard to determine which one is worth trusting and which one is misleading or simply lies.  For instance, one blogger would say that you can get a one-of-a-kind gaming experience at the licensed online casino Ontario sites that provide a wide range of games. Another influencer could differ from that opinion.

The purpose of my blog is to separate fact from fiction and share with you all the information I have gathered over my years in the gambling industry.

The blog is an informational guide for newcomers interested in gambling. Readers will be able to access various articles based on their questions and needs.

Here you will learn how to play the games, what the rules are, and how to be a winner. You will also find many helpful tips and techniques about gambling in general that you may find useful.

For this, I try to involve the most successful authors, experts on that part. I hope you enjoy my blog!

Streat Gourmet Casino Games

The undoubtedly most important event in the history of online gambling was certainly the “Free Trade & Processing Act“, a law passed in 1994 in Antigua and Barbados that effectively regulated online gambling for the first time. In a nutshell, the introduction of this legislative directive allowed the Caribbean nation, first among all, to grant national licenses to any company that intended to start an online casino. In the same year, another key event was the birth of Microgaming, the first software dedicated exclusively to online casinos.

This innovative software platform was the structure of the first real online casino in the world,  still active on the market today, as well as the same Microgaming, current giant of casino software and supplier of the best gaming catalogues on the web nationally and internationally. Of course, over the years, many high-performance providers have successfully competed in this scenario. You can now find not just online games but games that have actually replaced real casinos. Such entertainment can usually be found at a live casino. They all take place directly with a real dealer, and this attracts many players. So it is not surprising that many developers and online casinos became interested in this type of entertainment.

But you can not deny that Microgaming was the real pioneer of this business and the lighthouse that led online gambling to its current developments.

In 1995, another major player appeared in the online gambling world: CryptoLogic, a computer company capable of developing an encrypted protocol for virtual financial transactions, first used in 1996. The introduction of this encrypted network code at the dawn of the Internet era certainly constituted a major evolutionary step for the World Wide Web. Another revolution in practice, which has forever changed the functioning and security of virtual money transactions.

The spread of casino sites around the world

The history of online gambling continues apace. Shortly after the launch of the first casinos, given the popularity immediately acquired by them, many entrepreneurial groups took the field, and the industry quickly became extremely competitive. Each operator tried to distinguish itself from the masses through its own specific business strategy, but in most cases, what made the difference between the different platforms was the policy adopted by the operators in the bonus area. A wild competition that led several casinos to elaborate promotional plans very attractive and convenient for players.

This fierce competition between casinos was the harbinger of further positive consequences. The quality of games and software underwent a very rapid evolution. Several new features were introduced in the games, such as multiplayer and spread within this scenario products such as themed video slots with progressive jackpots. The latter machines gave the final boost to online gambling, thanks to the success they enjoyed within months of their launch.

The latest developments in the international market

Going back less in time to the present day, we can list as more or less recent and interesting innovations in the market, the introduction of games with live dealers and gaming platforms optimized for mobile devices. The launch in the market of real time tables with dealers has been possible thanks to the advent and development of streaming technology. Although in the beginning, the quality level of audio-video transmission was indeed low, the current value achieved by platforms such as Playtech and Evolution Gaming certainly does not make us regret our best land-based casinos. This explains the success of these products, increasingly popular compared to simple RNG games.

"The rise of mobile devices has led casinos to invest their economic resources in the development of dedicated apps for tablets and smartphones (and adapted to different operating systems) and in the optimization of gaming catalogues to the small size of screens. Even in this field, after a short period of adjustment, a really interesting quality has been reached. Today, mobile gaming is widespread, and the assortment of casino titles for mobile devices is increasingly varied and attractive."

by Orin Mayer