Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Orin Mayer is a professional gambler and a well-known author and gambling journalist. Lucas’s introduction to this world began when he was only seventeen years old. Since he was only following his dream and had no prior knowledge of gambling, Lucas did not know what to expect at first. Over time, however, practice and getting to know some people allowed him to achieve his first successes.

Later, in parallel with the study of journalism, the author did not leave gambling and gave enough time to study them from different sides. He chose different strategies, studied the behaviour of other players.

Orin Mayer

Thus, before becoming a journalist, Orin Mayer, in some ways, was already a successful professional poker player, which allowed him to become one of the most prominent authorities on gambling in Canada. Because of this experience, he has advised some of the major gambling companies over the years.

As a poker professional, he has written several articles on the subject of gambling. In them, he advises how to play not only poker but also some other famous games, particularly baccarat, blackjack, including money and online.

The ability to explain complex strategies and game rules in an accessible form is one of his many talents, and it shows in every text he creates.