Is Bitcoin about to become the new darling of online casinos? And especially for their users? It is clear that it is a new trend. Bitcoin is indeed a trend in online casinos, and we explain why this online payment method is safe and convenient!

Formed by the words “bit“, unit of binary information in English, and “coin”, also in English, Bitcoin is an electronic payment and transaction system that has been making its way for a few years now with the aim of also moving into the virtual world to pay for everyday purchases. And if you can pay for your drink at the bar in bitcoin, then why not play at the casino in bitcoin. Online casinos, which are at the forefront of technology, have understood this.

Invented and implemented around 2008-2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto via open-source software, bitcoin is now a currency unit – like the dollar, euro and others. But it’s a virtual unit, meaning it’s not physical. It’s an online unit, and you can’t touch bitcoin. But you can have bitcoins. Bitcoin is also limited to 21 million units and divisible to the eighth decimal place. Bitcoin is now the world’s largest and best-known cryptocurrency, a kind of virtual universe dollar. It is a decentralized and secure currency with a market capitalization of close to 14 billion dollars.

Suppose we can understand the reluctance of some people and, therefore, some online gamblers to bitcoin. In that case, we must realize that it is a safe currency – you will not be robbed of your bitcoins in the street or a burglary, you have much more solid guarantees -, an efficient currency, practical and above all, it is a means of payment totally adapted to online casino games.